Date the Center

  What is " Date the Center "? the name speaks for itself, it is the center of gathering and storage of the information, a place where physically on a server your site settles down.

Date the centers happen different, happen to powerful protection (for protection of the information), but with the weak channel (1 Gb/s - it is considered the weak channel), it affects speed of the dataflow from a server or to a server.

Can be with "thick" channels, but with problems of the electric power, that also affects on UPTIME (time of access of a server in ONLINE), for the user will be not favourable, if the server will work only 5 days in day, and other days the server will be disconnected(be switched-off), with the reference(link) date of the center on problems with power supplies.

Therefore the choice "correct" date of the center Is very important, both for private(individual) clients, and for the large companies.

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