The Server

  Server — a computer carrying out only server a problem(task), or a computer - specialized for use as hardware base for servers of services (sometimes — services directions).

Highly specialized decisions with the built in software (in difference from computers where the software is necessary for establishing(installing)), defining(determining) specialization and possible(probable) rendered services refer to as hardware servers.

Hardware servers, as a rule, are more simple and are reliable, consume less electric power and, sometimes, are cheaper. But at the same time they are less flexible (as are initially limited in carried out problems(tasks)) and, often, are limited in resources.

Theoretically, on one unit of hardware maintenance, it can simultaneously be carried out the any quantity(amount) of servers (except for servers clashing(conflicting) among themselves on resources or their quantity(amount)), they will be divided among themselves with hardware resources. Practically, between extreme measures one computer — one service and one computer — all services everyone finds the compromise.

Servers of services can be started on a workstation that they worked on a background dividing(sharing) resources of a computer with the programs started by the user. Such operating mode refers to "not allocated", in difference from "allocated" when the computer carries out only service functions.

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