The Internet-provider

  The Internet-provider — the organization, rendering services of access to the Internet and other services connected with the Internet.

Into number of services given the Internet-provider can enter: access to the Internet on the switched and allocated channels, allocation of disk space for storage and maintenance of work of sites (hosting), support of work of mail boxes or a virtual post server, accommodation of the equipment of the client on a platform of the provider, rent of the allocated and virtual servers, reservation of data and others.

The Internet-providers can be divided(undressed) into types according to given services:

- Providers of access;

- Hosting providers;

- Main (backbone) providers;

- Channel providers (en:Network service provider);

From the legal point of view, the Internet-provider is the operator of communication(connection) having the license for one following kinds of services:

- Services of communication(connection) on granting liaison channels.

- Services of communication(connection) in a network of data transmission, except for transfer of the voice information.

- Services of communication(connection) on transfer of the voice information to networks of data transmission.

- Services of communication(connection).

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