DNS — (English Domain Name System system of domain names) is the system, allowing to transform symbolical names of domains to IP-addresses (and on the contrary) in networks TCP/IP.

   Domen the certain zone in system of domain names (DNS) the Internet, allocated to any country, the organization or for other purposes.

   DNS it is important for work of the Internet for the information on its(his) IP-address is necessary for connection with unit, and for people to remember the alphabetic (usually intelligent) addresses, than sequence of figures of the IP-address easier. In some cases it allows to use virtual servers, for example, a HTTP-server, distinguishing them by name inquiry. Originally transformation between domain and IP-addresses was made with use of special text file DHOSTS.TXT which was made on-line and was updated on each of machines(cars) of a network manually. With growth of the Network there was a necessity for the effective, automated mechanism which became DNS.

   DNS it has been developed by Floor Mokapetrisom in 1983; the original description of mechanisms of work is described in RFC 882. In 1987 publication RFC 1034 and RFC 1035 have changed specification DNS and have cancelled RFC 882 and RFC 883 as become outdated(out-of-date). Some new RFC have added and have expanded opportunities of base reports.

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