PHP — (English PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor PHP: a preprocessor of the hypertext ) skriptovyj the programming language created for generation of HTML-pages on a web-server and works with databases. Now it is supported(maintained) by the overwhelming majority khosterov. Enters in LAMP a "standard" set for creation a web-sites (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (Python or Perl)).

   In the field of programming for Network PHP one of the most popular skriptovykh languages (alongside with JSP, Perl and the languages used in ASP.NET) owing to the simplicity, speed of the performance, rich functionality and to distribution of initial codes on the basis of license PHP. PHP differs presence of a kernel and connected modules, "expansions": for work with databases, sockets, dynamic grafikoj, cryptographic libraries, documents of format PDF and t. Item Any interested person can develop own expansion and connect it(him). There are hundreds expansions, however standard delivery includes some tens well proved. Interpreter PHP is connected to a web-server or through the module created specially for this server (for example, for Apache or IIS), or as the CGI-appendix.

   Besides it(he) can be used for the decision of administrative problems(tasks) in operational systems UNIX, GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and AmigaOS. However it(he) has not was extended in such quality, giving a palm tree of superiority(championship) Perl, Python and VBScript.

   Syntax PHP is similar to syntax of language Si. Some elements, such as associative files and a cycle foreach, are borrowed from Perl.

   Nowadays PHP it is used hundreds thousand developers. Some millions sites inform on work with PHP, that makes more the fifth share of domains of the Internet.

   The group of developers PHP consists of set of the people voluntary working above a kernel and expansions PHP, and adjacent projects, such, as PEAR or the documentation of language.

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