CGI — (from English Common Gateway Interface the general(common) interface of a sluice ) the standard of the interface serving for communication(connection) of the external program about a web-server. The program which works on such interface together with a web-server, it is accepted to name a sluice though many prefer names a script (script) or the CGI-program.

   The interface is developed so that it was possible to use any programming language which can work with standard devices of input/conclusion. Such opportunities scripts for the built in command interpreters of operational systems, therefore possess even when there is no need in complex(difficult) functionality, such simple command scripts can be used even.

   Scripts, as a rule, place all in the catalogue cgi-bin a server, but it is unessential: the script can settle down anywhere, but thus the majority a web-servers demand special adjustment(option).

   In web-server Apache, for example, such adjustment(option) can is made by means of the general(common) file of adjustments(options) httpd.conf or by means of a file .htaccess in that catalogue where this script contains. Also Apache allows to start all the scripts having expansion .cgi.

   CGI the web-pages is one of the most widespread means of creation dynamic.

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