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  Co-location — service of the communication(connection), consisting that the provider places the equipment of the client in the territory (usually in date the center) and connects it(him) to liaison channels with high throughput. Sometimes the specified equipment does not belong to the client, and is rented by it(him) at the same provider.

Such accommodation allows to save on the organization of a liaison channel from the provider up to the client (last mile). More often on co-location put a server, intended for maintenance a web-sites and other network services with the greater(big) volume of the traffic, and also the equipment to which reliable access from many points is required, for example, VPN-concentrators, sluices of an IP-telephony.

Usually into structure of the given service besides actually accommodation of the equipment and connection to a liaison channel also enters:

- Maintenance of a climatic mode

- Physical protection

- The elementary services on service of the equipment (to reload, insert a disk. Item)

- Monitoring

Other accompanying services (for example, reserve copying of data, protection of the information) usually appear the operator at additional expense.

The some people are inclined to classify co-location as subspecies of a hosting, others believe its(her) independent service.

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