Not in last business will take an interest at your provider what a server it(he) uses for a hosting.

   At the given historical stage many prefer to use brend a server, that is known manufacturers, instead of collected independently. In general, to check up, the provider about the iron has how much fairly answered you and how much(as far as) it is good - for the simple user difficultly. At worst you will understand it "then". But also it is not necessary to be caught on words " we use a server on dual stubs 4 with Gb memories ".

   Correct hoster, from our point of view, to you will simply tell, that the chassis uses, we shall admit(allow), intel SR1200. And you with pure(clean) conscience can already look on a site of the manufacturer, that it for iron such. If from conversation with хостером it is clear, that a server are collected independently, it is superfluous occasion to become thoughtfull.

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