Unix or Windows?

   This question, the answer on which is obvious to the skilled web designer, can stump the beginner.

   Below comparison of two most popular platforms - UNIX and Windows«, providers supported(maintained) by the overwhelming majority is lead. As, attempt to dispell some wrong representations concerning these platforms is made.

   One of the greatest errors in the environment of beginners - that you should place a site on that platform which was used by development i.e. if the project on a server under UNIX and to develop it(him) is supposed to place is necessary by the machine(car) under UNIX. It at all so. The operational system from which you work on the computer at creation of a site, can be any.

   Convenience of use

   Last years providers have put(applied) a maximum of efforts to facilitate to clients administration of sites both under UNIX, and under Windows. Today there is no difference between these platforms in relation to ease and simplicity of use. If you are an experienced user and prefer to use shell you choose UNIX. However, if you the beginner, you will find on both platforms friendly to the user of the control panel with the Web-interface.


   Experts converge in opinion, that UNIX is more reliable. However, my personal experience of 3-years operation IIS 3.0 under Windows NT 4.0, shows, that reliability of platform Windows can be approached considerably to UNIX. In a much greater degree reliability is influenced with a professional level of the attendants. It means, that you can make a decision on a choice of a platform, considering all over again other differences in features of platforms.


   Is not present what essential difference between these(it) two platforms concerning speed at the decision of problems(tasks) of a hosting.


   It is the factor on which two platforms differ most of all. But there will be not many problems(tasks) on one platform and which cannot be realized on another. The basic difference in how this result is reached(achieved). For example, if your site uses a database, you can use or sheaf PHP/MySQL under UNIX or ASP/MS SQL under Windows. The tendency of development of decisions which will be supported(maintained) on both platforms is traced. For example, Microsoft FrontPage, it is supported(maintained) both on UNIX and on Windows.

   Cost of a hosting

   Here UNIX for the present favourably differs because, first, the majority of software products under UNIX extends under free-of-charge licenses, and secondly, on UNIX to achieve the same level of reliability and efficiency, than on Windows much easier.

   If you definitely do not plan to use technology and the decisions supported(maintained) only by platform Windows (see below) most likely it is meaningful to choose platform UNIX.

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