Backup your data

   It very much an important point for you. As a rule, under backup two things understand:

   - In a server disks in plural, included through raid the controller are established(installed);

   - All your data of times in day also are kept on a separate disk (a separate server).

   If for the provider is available raid, it is remarkable. Means this, at the correct approach to business, that all your data are stored(kept) not on one hard disk, and, at least, on two. And in case one of disks has died, it will not be a problem. The provider will simply change a defective disk and work will proceed. In an ideal you even do not sweep up(will notice) it(this), and will not know about it(this) since raid-files mean "hot" change of disks.

   If you has not only raid, but also does(makes) copies of your site, it is simply remarkable. In case you have unintentionally removed the site or a certain well-wisher has learned(has found out) your password (as a rule here at anything, much easier to steal the password at the user) and has erased a site, you can ask to restore yours data from backup. But keep in mind: if you sweep up(will notice), that your site is not present, month-other(-another,-others), the provider to you we shall not help(assist). As a rule, archives are stored(kept) only for last week

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