In your dialogue with the provider quality check of service of technical support will be not less important. Or speaking other language - support.

   The most simple way is all over again to write the letter with a certain question, only reasonable enough, and to look for the term of reaction. Directly, besides, to judge time of the response it is impossible, but I think, that is clear, if on the letter have answered the third day for anything good do not wait and in the future. As pay attention to the form of the letter. If in the signature adequating there is something like:

   If it is the Internet does not mean that is possible, figuratively speaking, in bast shoes to go and in a corner to spit. At serious the professional etiquette should be looked through even in such, apparently, trifles.

   Not superfluous will and call to the provider, to learn(find out), for example, about discounts. If to you answer - " now I shall call ", then minutes five call certain which all in turn muffledly as at them is good also cheaply, here to you and one more occasion to become thoughtfull.

   Round-the-clock service of technical support - frequently a myth. Many remorselessly write 24 hours per day on the sites and put a fax for the night. Or at night a certain young man whom except for tariffs and how to adjust(set up) the post client program sits, anything and does not know. Real technical support in current of 24 hours is at few companies. But, nevertheless, even it does not mean, that any your question will be solved at night. there can be a question which in a condition to solve only the manager. Which, in turn, will be only in the afternoon. Therefore, if at your future it is fairly told on a site - it works with 10 up to 19, yet the reason to sweep aside its(his) nominee. It is much better, than to go to which declares the round-the-clock support, and really answers only by mail, in the afternoon and during session.

   And the main thing, addressing in service of technical support , remember, " to you have sold a fishing tackle and how to fish to learn(teach) you it is obliged nobody. it is not obliged to train you to write scripts and them to debug. There is an area of the responsibility, and there is an area where business concerns(touches) only your knowledge. To help(assist) you or not - business besides of the attitude(relation) to the client.

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