The traffic

   The traffic is a quantity(an amount) of the transferred(transmitted) information in this or that party(side), that is from your site or to your site.

   Speaking language hosters - the traffic happens entering and proceeding. Now hosters write on the sites, that the traffic in your tariff plan:

- It is not limited (conditionally, but it(this) it is held back)

- It is limited by any quantity(amount) 1 Gb in a month

   Actually the traffic unlimited does not happen in the nature. It is an axiom. Under unlimited hosters can understand, that the standard client consumes no more than 10 Gb the proceeding traffic in a month. Provided that your site is not a collection of music in a format mp3 or that that similar. Or limits the client to other attributes, for example consumption of processor time and simultaneously started appendices. The worst variant of restriction, it when hosters "clamps" the channel up to indecently small values. Or at all disconnects(switches-off) the channel on the West. Then it is not excluded, as your, already mentioned earlier, the neighbour behind a wall will open your site very long or will not see at all. That is strange, such variants meet till now.

   In other case the provider does not limit you in what, it(he) accurately exposes to you accounts(invoices) for the traffic consumed a lot of(many). As a rule, it up to 1 c.u. for Gb proceeding. More dearly(expensively), in an amicable way, should not be. We shall notice, that is and hoster which swear, that the traffic is not limited, however passes(takes place) couple of months and if at you greater(big) attendance, you will politely ask to pay for the traffic, at the best, or simply silently will switch off.

   Therefore, if at you the large project, always ask the provider, on the traffic how many is unlimited and how many it(he) will cost at excess of a quota.

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