Uptime - occurs(happens) from English uptime and in free, clear for weights, translation(transfer) means " time of trouble-free work ".

   At present the situation with quality of services by way of stability, is clear enough. It, quality, more less at all equally and practically from the sizes Uptime, i.e. real work in current of 24 hours per day in current of year, anybody cannot provide 100 %. It is an axiom who that would not speak. Because people remain people, and technics(technical equipment) technics(technical equipment). Both that, and another is ill(sick) and breaks accordingly. Other question, that if yours organization, instead of private persons risk of that will burn down, we shall admit(allow), a hard disk, and money for it(him) will not be, is shown to zero.

   However, it is necessary to notice, that there are breakages which in current of 5 minutes will be not not solved by anybody, especially (further a case from a life) if burns a power unit from cases on Friday at 19.00. Such in computer shop behind a corner you will not buy(purchase). Also will carry the companies if there is a spare chassis (the chassis is, roughly speaking, the complete set from a parent payment with the case and necessary "stuffing"), all will end through pair hours of idle time with moving of hard disks from the problem machine(car) in the worker. As it was at us.

   To pay attention to applications(statements) - " at us already half a year of 100 % Uptime, it is not necessary. Yes, it(he) can be those if Uptime holds back, that it(he) exists all half a year and clients at it(him) 20 person. In such conditions to provide high quality of services, in general, is not a problem. Other situation at the companies of an average part (from 500 clients and above) and the more so at large. Here too to trust numerous it is not necessary. Reception is simple (further is exaggerated): from available 10 servers on public monitoring we put one server on which the site of the provider works only and we receive 100 % Uptime. And that at us on client servers Uptime below 95 %, it it doesn't matter. You, as the client, learn(find out) about it(this) only later.

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