Usually, as the name of the domain, any brief verbal designation identified by the user with the owner of the domain is used. As a rule, it is a fragment of the name or a trade mark for legal persons(faces) and a surname or a pseudonym for physical persons(faces). Besides it(this), both those, and others, certainly, register(record) more the general(common) names of domains (,, numbers of phones ( and other designations. Such users register(record) domains for own needs and are called diligent.

   Besides the named category of users, there are those whom call the international term – "kiberskvotters". As a matter of fact, it is the network figures, trying to benefit by registration of a domain name, to which have no the slightest attitude(relation) with the purpose of its(his) resale to the owner of similar means of an individualization (not having the domain) or to other interested person.

   Other direction of "activity" on variants of a writing(spelling) of this or that domain (internet-law / internetlaw) or possible(probable) mistakes(errors) in a set as name, and in a writing(spelling) of the domain (skoda / shkoda, kommersant / commersant, / From the point of view of the user, it almost one and too, and from the point of view of a computer are absolutely different domains (in last example domains of the second level – lenta and wwwlenta). The described activity has received the name "taypskvotting".

   Economic calculation is simple – the "human" factor takes place also mistakes(errors) in a set of supervisited(superattended) domains I shall be always, so also steady attendance of domains-doubles on which advertising too will be placed. The advertising placed on similar domains is quite capable to pay back expenses kiberskvotter on the maintenance(contents) of the domain, whether irrespective of it will be possible to sell ever it(him) or not.

   It is necessary to tell, that kiberskvotters aspire to reception of treasured domains by any ways. And, even on already registered domain kiberskvotters apply, trying it(him) to catch, giving to registrars counterfeit documents.

   From all told follows, that legal problems, the Internet, is and in "domain" sphere. The conflicts connected with domain names almost always occur(happen) around widely known company names, trade marks, surnames of people and other means of an individualization of physical and legal persons(faces). Activity kiberskvotters which and name capture of domains , causes fair censures in owners of the same (similar) means of an individualization. As a rule, kyberskvotter registers(records) at once set of the domains having value. Official data on number kyberskvotters are not present. They also cannot be, as this phenomenon is not certain legislatively. But there are statistical data RosNIIROS, the manager of domain RU which allow to judge indirectly scales kyberskvotting in Russia.

   77,3 % of managers of domains own one domain, two domain names are registered on 11,2 % of managers. Three domains 4 % of the managers, to four – 2 % own. In charge of 1,2 % of managers are at once on five domain names. Over five and up to twenty domain names 3,4 % of managers, from 20 up to 45 – 0,5 %, from 45 up to 100 – 0,1 % dispose. Only less than at 0,1 % of managers it is concentrated in one hands over 100 domains of the second level. The maximal number of the domains registered on one person(face), makes 1047.

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