Resseling differs from the virtual allocated server that resseler is not the owner of a server in relation to the clients. It(he) does not supervise a physical server, and cannot independently configure at will of clients.

   reselling , for rather modest sum, it is given:

- Two DNS a server (that nobody could it(him) with hosters);

- Place on a disk;

- Limit of the traffic (usually sufficient for functioning usual 50-100 sites);

- Access to the control panel from which resseler can create sites for the clients and also operates these sites and look behind an expenditure of resources clients.

   Resellers there can be everyone — for whom this sum will not be burdensome and whom not laziness every evening to understand with problems of clients. Sometimes resselers begin with the purpose to be trained in work hosters, sometimes it is small a web-studio to which should unite clients and to not be fooled with the maintenance(contents) of a server. Not time happened, that resseler grew in hoster. In any case, for example, you can solve problems with a hosting for all friends — very cheaply, and in general, it not a bad way to express in business a web-hosting.

   But nevertheless, if the inexpensive hosting with sympathetic support is necessary to you, it is possible to resselers. In fact at it(him) not so it is a lot of clients and all of them to it(him) of road.

   How to choose hosters if you have decided to become reselling? First of all do not throw on the cheapest offers, cheaply usually it is not so good, and to transfer(carry) subsequently some tens sites with different clients is very big work. It is recommended to study(investigate) conferences (for foreign) and (for Russian) reselling to communicate to support. Remember: reliability hosters is reliability of your services, your reputation.

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