The web-site

  The web-site, or simply site is one or set a web-pages, accessible to viewing on the Internet.

Pages a web-site are incorporated by the general(common) root address, and also usually theme, logic structure, registration and-or authorship.

Pages a web-sites are files with the text marked in language HTML or XHTML. These files, being loaded by the visitor on its(his) computer, are processed by the program-observer named by a browser and deduced(removed) on means of display of the user (the monitor, the screen of a handheld computer, the printer or a synthesizer of speech).

Language HTML/XHTML allows to format the text, to distinguish in it(him) functional elements, to create hypertext references(links) (hyperlink) and to insert into displayed page of the image, a sound recording and other multimedia elements. Display of page can be changed addition in it(her) tables of styles in language CSS or scripts in language JavaScript.

Pages of sites can be simple static sets of files or be created by the special computer program on a server — a so-called cursor of a site. The cursor can be or is made to order for a separate site, or a ready product, on a certain class of sites. Some of cursors can provide to the owner of a site an opportunity of flexible adjustment(option) of structurization and a conclusion of the information on a website; such refer to as control systems of the maintenance(contents).

Manufacturing of sites as working complete information resources is the compound process involving work of various specialities. The general(common) term about activity — "web-development".

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