The allocated server

  The allocated server - a kind of a hosting at which the separate physical machine(car) for a server is given. The server has own disk space, memory, the processor and other resources, quite often separate external traffic. It is used for start of appendices which cannot coexist on one server with other projects or have increased requirements to resources.

It is applied:

- In business ON:

Network safety
The server of databases can be by the separate machine(car) that the hacker who has received the rights of the superuser on a web-server, could not spoil a database (as it(him) will be resolved all SQL, and only some set procedures through which to put(render) the big harm is simply impossible).

Unloading of a computer
Let's assume, that the server of databases consumes so much computing resources, that neither a web-server, nor a FTP-server by this machine(car) it is impossible to start already. Then this computer on which there is only a server of databases, and will refer to as the allocated server.

Maintenance of uninterrupted access
If the database and a web-server will be by different machines(cars), at performance of technical works on a web-server users will have access to a database.

- In computer games:

Allocated the server of the multiuser game on which the player does not sit refers to. On a separate computer the server of network game is transferred(carried) with such purposes:

Unloading of a computer
In the majority of games the "playing" server provides stable game only to five-six players, raises(increases) further and personnel frequency on a server falls. To unload a computer, establish(install) the allocated server.

The allocated server is applied as constantly working platform to network game. That is, any can be connected to a server and play on it(him).

Refereeing in competitions
In competitions on computer games the "playing" server and the client who has connected them often are in unequal conditions. The allocated server borrows(occupies) one additional computer, but lays down players in equal conditions. However, on one computer it is possible to establish(install) some the allocated servers (through different ports). Also the allocated server simplifies refereeing.

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