The virtual allocated server

  The virtual allocated server emulates work of a separate physical server. By one machine(car) the set of virtual servers can be started. Besides some obvious restrictions, each virtual server gives the full both independent control and management as gives its(his) usual allocated server. Each virtual server has the processes, resources, a configuration and separate administration. Usually as a virtual server freely distributed versions of operational systems Linux and a Unix are used. For emulation it is usually used technologies of virtual machines(cars).

The manager-owner of a virtual server can establish(install) any appendices, work with files and carry out any other problems(tasks), possible(probable) by the separate machine(car). Rent of a virtual server — a popular kind of a hosting as gives reasonable balance between by and opportunities for the majority of owners the Internet of sites and appendices. The price can is strong will distinguish depending on a package deal of support and administration.

Виртуальныe серверa without support (unmannaged), are given on low, from several dollars a month to the prices. Creation of a site on such server can demand from the owner enough extensive knowledge on administration of operational system and the Internet of appendices. Not supported(maintained) hosting well approaches(suits) for experts and enthusiasts.

Support of virtual servers (managed) varies over a wide range and who approaches(suits) those is interested to bend every effort on development of a site instead of on technical details of its(his) maintenance(contents).

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