The domain

  The domain — the certain zone in system of domain names the Internet, allocated to the owner of the domain (any country, the international organization, region, the legal or physical person(face)) for the purposes of providing of access to the information given in the Internet belonging the owner of the domain.

Domain name — a symbolical name of the domain. Should be unique within the limits of one domain. The full name of the domain consists of names of all domains into which it(he) enters, divided(undressed) by points. For example, full name XX.XXXXX.RU. (with a point in the end) designates the domain of third level RU which enters into the domain of the second level XXXXX which enters into domain RU which enters into the root domain.

   The domain name serves for addressing units of a network the Internet and the network resources located on them (a web-sites, servers of e-mail, network services) in the form convenient for the person. Alternative can be addressing of unit to the IP-address that is less conveniently and more difficultly remembered.

Domain zone — set of domain names of the certain level entering into the concrete domain. For example, zone XXXXX.RU. Means all domain names of the third level in this domain. The term a domain zone basically is applied in technical sphere, at adjustment(option) of DNS-servers (maintenance of a zone, delegation of a zone, a transfer of a zone).

What domain name to choose?

- The name should be remembered easily;
- To be short enough;
- To be simple in a writing(spelling), in order to prevent mistakes(errors) of users at its(his) set;
- Easily;
- To contain or the name of your company, or to designate sphere of its(her) activity, the basic product or service.

   Certainly, to satisfy all these conditions often it is not obviously possible, therefore you should lean(base) on those criteria which will be most important in a concrete case or to register at once some names for your server.

   If your business is connected directly with Russia, I recommend to choose at registration the termination(ending) .ru, it at once will let know to visitors a geographical binding of your business or the Internet-project. The server with the termination(ending) .ru will be free index Russian-speaking search systems. Besides it(this), the choice of free names in a zone .ru is much wider, than in the international zone .com, .org, .net.

   In a Runet domain names are usually formed by one of next ways:
- The name of the company or server English letters. Certainly, it is desirable, that it was possible to write this name in English in the unequivocal image. If the name of the company complex(difficult) enough and long, ambiguously transferred(transmitted) by English letters, I recommend to register the reduced name in addition. An example the large computer company from St.-Petersburg Nienschanz here can be. Besides the domain, the company has registered and the reduced variant -
- The English name of a subject or the concept connected with activity of the company or an orientation the Internet-project. In this case it is desirable to use simple enough and often used English words. For example, the address of a bookshop without a mistake(an error) will be typed(collected) practically by any Russian user of a network. At the same time the user, already a few(little) forgotten partially English since times of school, can and not understand, that the site is a jeweller server, and for certain cannot type(collect) from the first correctly its(his) address in a browser, having heard the name by phone.

   Probably, a name which you have chosen for the server, have already borrowed(occupied). To http: // addresses (for .com, .org, .net, .org) and http: // .ru) it is possible to check up, whether this or that name is registered already. If such has occured(happened), you can try to leave on the organization or the private person owning the given domain, and to try to buy up it(him).

   Whether on a server you can not only check up this or that domain name is borrowed(occupied). Here it is possible to carry out and search under the registered international trade marks.

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